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Agora Budapest receives WELL Precertification at the Gold level


Two buildings of Agora Budapest (the Agora Tower and Agora Hub), a project by the international workspace provider HB Reavis, have been granted WELL Precertification at the Gold level. Getting such a high ranking in this assessment process proves that HB Reavis successfully translates its people-centric development approach focusing on people’s health into action.

The WELL Precertification at the Gold level proves HB Reavis fulfils very high healthy building standards as receiving it is the result of a monitored qualification system for employee-friendly work environments by the International WELL Building Institute. Agora Budapest is the largest building in Hungary based on area to have been granted this precertification.
To succeed, both buildings had to fulfil strict requirements relating to the quality of air, water, nourishment, light, active design, mind, comfort and community measurements including regular checks on water quality, ensuring enough fresh air and a high quality of food provided in the restaurants.
Agora Budapest Hub and Tower

Agora Budapest Hub and Tower

It started by evaluating responsibility

Agora Hub and Agora Tower have already scored very high in BREAAM, the world’s leading sustainability assessment method. At the end of 2019, they got their BREEAM Construction Precertification at the Outstanding and Excellent levels. These evaluate how the design and construction phases of a new development will impact the environment. Plus, Agora Budapest was also the first commercial building in Hungary to ever receive the BREEAM Community Precertification, proving the high level of interest HB Reavis has in not only nourishing business and other communities around the project, but making them as inclusive as possible.

The first employees to enjoy a wellbeing and productivity boost

As the door of Agora Tower has already opened and Raiffeisen Bank has moved in, its people are already experiencing the benefits of a supportive, healthy and overall people-centric workspace in their everyday working lives.
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