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HB Reavis strengthens its top leadership


Important organisational changes are taking place within the HB Reavis company as two new members have been appointed to the Executive Board. The current reinforced composition of the Board ensures delivery of the projects in company’s pipeline that’s been ranked as the biggest in Europe by Property EU and fulfilment of the strategy to become the international workspace provider of choice. Short term, the executive directors will focus on utilisation of the Workspace as a Service approach as an answer to the workspace improvement needs of the companies in the post-Covid period.

Shifts in the executive Board

Peter Pecnik, currently the CEO of operation in Poland, has become a member of the executive Board of directors and takes over the position of the Group CFO. Due to his well-established connection to the Polish team and expansive knowledge of the local market, he retains responsibility for Poland from the position of the Board member. Peter joined the company in 2008 and before taking over responsibility for business in Poland, he was in charge of particularly finance-related areas  
Pavel Jonczy, currently the Head of Product Design, Construction and Procurement, joins Peter and has become a member of the Board. Pavel, who has already been with the company for five years, will build on his previous expertise and achievements and will keep responsibility for the above mentioned areas from a board member perspective together with eight previously established coworking spaces under the HubHub brand and recently introduced fully-serviced office spaces on short term leases Qubes that fully reflect current market needs and have become a strong segment of HB Reavis’ service portfolio.

Non-executive Board extends too

Martin Miklas, currently the company’s CFO, has become a member of the Board as a non-executive director, supporting the activities of corporate governance and the non-real estate business of HB Reavis’ shareholder Ivan Chrenko.   


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