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Berlin, Germany

HB Reavis launches its second German project, PLTFRM.Berlin


HB Reavis, an international workspace provider, has announced the launch of its second German project. PLTFRM.Berlin – named to reflect its proximity to Ostbahnhof train station – is expected to be completed in early 2025, with around 27,000 sq m of GLA.     

After the success of its first German development, DSTRCT.Berlin, HB Reavis has chosen a site in the East of the city.  With the aim to be carbon neutral in operation, PLTFRM.Berlin will enhance the wellbeing not only of the people who use it, but also the communities and environment around it.  

An inspirational place to work

Through its unique features, PLTFRM.Berlin will be an inspirational place to work. With the goal of being carbon neutral in operation, its renewable energy features include solar roof and façade panels and ground source, waste water duct, and air-water heat pumps.
Together, these systems will make the building 3 time more effective in using of the off-site generated energy to run the building's hot water, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, compared to other regular buildings. With the building using no gas, all its grid electricity will come from green sources.
Being extensively bike-friendly, tenants and visitors will have direct access from a large bike park to showers and lockers, and then to the lobby. With a total of six floors, and features including balconies and roof terraces, PLTFRM.Berlin will integrate lots of greenery and biophilic design. There’ll also be responsibly-curated retail and food options for its tenants.
PLTFRM_Exterior Entrance_FINAL_3k.jpg

People-centric design at its best

Future tenants will find flexible floorplates with open-plan entrances designed for informal meet-ups. PLTFRM.Berlin will also offer a wide range of innovations led by HB Reavis. In particular, there will be Symbiosy, smart workspace data platform, as well as More services in place.
Throughout, the building is designed to enhance social interactions, support innovation, and inspire through art - all of it provided by in-house workspace consulting from Origameo.
In line with its ambitious ESG commitment, HB Reavis is targeting exceptional sustainability and wellbeing standards: Net Zero Carbon in operation (based on LEED zero and DGNB climate positive certifications), LEED Platinum, LEED ZERO, DGNB Platinum, DGNB Climate Positive, WELL Platinum, and WIRED Score Platinum.
PLTFRM_0201_Aerial_B_FINAL_3k.jpgPLTFRM_0202_Aerial_A_FINAL_3k.jpgPLTFRM_Exterior Entrance_FINAL_3k.jpg


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