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HB Reavis appoints new CEO for Poland


HB Reavis, an international workspace provider, has appointed Peter Pecnik to the Chief Executive Officer position in Poland. In his new role, he will manage a 170-member strong team of professionals involved in delivering remarkable projects and experiences across the Polish market – the largest among the Group’s business operations. He will continue the company’s strategy of developing people-centric office spaces that enhance productivity and well-being for their users. Stepping down from his role as CEO for Poland, Stanislav Frnka is leaving the company after more than 12 years.

Peter Pecnik is a long time member of the HB Reavis Group team, previously serving as the Head of Corporate Finance, a role in which he set up successful relationships with lenders and investors. Taking leadership of HB Reavis Poland, he will continue delivering the company’s goal of creating exceptional places that focus on the experience of people, supporting productivity and quality of life. Apart from embarking on ambitious endeavours such as Varso Place and Forest in Warsaw, the Polish branch of the company also provides workplace-as-a-service solutions like Origameo workplace consultancy and the thriving HubHub coworking spaces.
Peter Pecnik has 20 years of experience in real estate and finance. Prior to joining HB Reavis in 2008, he gained experience in a financial advisory team at Deloitte, and before that worked at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Tatra Banka.
The previous CEO for Poland, Stanislav Frnka, played an important role in the HB Reavis business successes in the Polish market over the last decade. During his tenure, the company became one of the top three most successful commercial developers in Warsaw with a total of over 500,000 sqm GLA completed and in the expected pipeline.

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