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HB Reavis becomes a member of pioneering US research centre Well Living Lab to create healthy workplaces


HB Reavis has become the first European-headquartered developer to join the Well Living Lab as a founding member of the lab’s global alliance. The lab is pioneering research on the interaction between health, well-being and indoor environments. The membership underlines HB Reavis’ strong commitment to going the extra mile to create enjoyable workplaces where people can thrive.

The Well Living Lab, based in Rochester, Minnesota, is the world’s first scientific research centre analysing the relationship between people’s health and well-being with indoor environments. Formed as a collaboration between world-leading medical provider Mayo Clinic, and Delos, a wellness real-estate and technology company, the lab has access to high-quality expertise and innovative knowledge.
Dedicated to city-shaping and transforming often overlooked areas into innovative places, HB Reavis is passionate about providing workspaces that inspire people and keep them healthy, gratified and therefore more productive. The developer joins 19 other leaders from different business sectors that have joined the alliance and share this same philosophy.
HB Reavis wants to ensure those who enjoy its buildings are not only comfortable but prospering in all respects. The developer is committed to contributing to the science behind what truly drives worker well-being and contentment, hence decided to team up with some of the best researchers in the world to further their research and ultimately create sustainable workplaces that encourage high performance among users.
As a founding member, HB Reavis will have access to the lab’s evidence-based research and outputs, which, for example, measure: light exposure, CO2 levels, noise and other distractions’ impact on employees. Insights from these studies from the lab will then be built in to HB Reavis’ own European offices.
Once the Well Living Lab’s findings and wellness strategies have been tried and tested in HB Reavis’ own premises through the use of innovative technologies, the initiative will be rolled out in HB Reavis’ future projects and through its co-working platform HubHub and workplace consultancy service Origameo.

We are excited to have HB Reavis join our alliance and the movement to improve indoor spaces to benefit people’s lives. By working together, we can collectively innovate, using scientifically based knowledge to transform health and well-being in built environments.

Brent Bauer, M.D., medical director, well Living Lab and medical director, Integrative and Complementary Medicine, Mayo Clinic

HB Reavis is already a pioneer in pursuing certification under the WELL Building Standard in CEE, having successfully registered nine buildings and two interiors to date. Alongside, 3 of HB Reavis’ schemes are currently in the process of being BREEAM Communities certified. These standards have become ingrained into the development process, highlighting HB Reavis’ commitment to building sustainably and providing remarkable experiences for office-users and the wider community.

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