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HB Reavis, the future lies in communities 


International workspace provider HB Reavis is aiming to fully focus on creating and managing comprehensive business districts with a size and range of available services that support the growth of the companies and communities operating within them.

In line with its long-term strategy, the company has today announced a plan to start the sale of stand-alone projects in the Czech Republic that are not sizeable enough to make them suitable for the development of such business districts. HB Reavis will continue developing its project in the Czech Republic’s second biggest city, Brno. This project is extensive enough to provide the potential to follow in the footsteps of company projects such as Agora Budapest or Varso Place. The company will also continue the expansion of its successful network of co-working facilities that operate under the HubHub brand. The increasingly popular shopping centre Aupark Hradec Kralove will remain part of the company’s portfolio.

The most prominent HB Reavis projects include One Waterloo in London, UK, located near the city’s busiest transport hub, Waterloo Station; Varso Place in Warsaw, Poland; Nivy Station in Bratislava, Slovakia, for which there are plans for a super-regional shopping centre and an international coach terminal; and Agora Budapest, which is to become the new location of Raiffeisen Bank’s Hungarian headquarters. HB Reavis is also present in Germany where it actively seeks out suitable acquisition opportunities.

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