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Varso Place's middle building is already 85% let


The HB Reavis project Varso Place is a world away from a cold, glass-and-concrete business centre. The philosophy behind it features well-being elements that enrich the everyday experience for employees, neighbours and visitors. Meet the companies calling Varso Place their new home that are in line with our notion.

Even though its construction has just reached the full height, the middle building of Varso Place is already 85% let. When it is completed, there is the ambition for it to become a favourite among fitness enthusiasts. A two-storey, Zdrofit fitness club with an area equalling to half of a football pitch, will have all the equipment and classes you’d expect in one of their flagship gyms and is planned to open in 2020.

Moreover, one of the tenants will be a PZU Zdrowie health centre which aims to broaden the well-being setting with its medical services being available to private health insurance holders, members as well as patients who wish to buy an appointment or an examination. It will accommodate the ever-rising number of civilization diseases which include heart problems and, spine issues while also performing stress prevention check-ups.
Prevention and a healthy lifestyle are enjoying a positive shift in people’s worlds these days. People care more about the food they eat, the activities they do, and the places they stay. More than ever, activities are carried out indoors. But does the indoor environment have an impact on people?
HB Reavis believes that indoor environments have a direct impact on human health. For this reason, the company has become a founding member of the Well Living Lab which is the world’s first scientific research centre analysing the influence of indoor environments on human health. HB Reavis has started to implement the latest findings from the Well Living Lab into the philosophy of their projects to support well-being, productivity and reduce stress of the employees. Varso Place will be no different.
Both Zdrofit and PZU Zdrowie will complement Poland’s first NYX Hotel. Part of Leonardo Hotels, the four-star, 331-room operation will occupy majority of space in the building. NYX hotel will spotlight unique design filled with various artwork to relax its occupants after a demanding business day.
Varso Place offers an expected 144,000 sq m of leasable space. The lower buildings, including a new retail arcade, should be handed over within a year, with the 53-storey Varso Tower, expected to be completed in two years. Visitors will be able to enjoy the views from the observation deck at a height of 230m and have a fine evening at the signature restaurant or at the bar at the top.

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