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Budapest, Hungary

Agora Budapest by HB Reavis has received BREEAM New Construction Pre-Certification of High Ranking!


Agora Tower and Agora Hub have been rewarded BREEAM New Construction Design Stage Pre-Certification. Aspiring for the final certificate, it will join an elite league of innovative projects, such as Bloomberg in London, or the Edge in Amsterdam.

HB Reavis, an international workspace provider, believes in the wellbeing of people who spend their working time inside their offices. This translates to its approach in design, materials selection, technologies, indoor solutions, and urban planning. Only healthy and happy people can work productively and make a difference in the world of business.
All of these measures helped Agora Budapest to receive pre-certification. Agora Hub has obtained the highest possible rating (Outstanding) and Agora Tower has achieved the second-highest rating (Excellent).
Achieving Outstanding results will bring Agora Budapest Hub into an elite league of innovative projects embracing sustainable solutions. In the   Outstanding category, the most famous examples are Bloomberg in London and the Edge in Amsterdam.  
When looking at BREEAM standards in Hungary, most of the buildings reached “very good” certification, but “outstanding” means the project has been classified as an innovator.

Why is obtaining BREEAM International New Construction certification important?

The BREEAM International New Construction 2016 scheme assesses the design and construction stages of the environmental impacts of new buildings.
Qualified and licensed assessors conduct the assessment process based on the evidence provided by the design and construction teams.
BREEAM audits and verifies assessors’ work and issues certification. There are two steps towards certification:
  • Interim certificate (pre-certification) based on the design, and developer’s commitments           
  • Final certificate based on the constructed project

What will  the BREEAM standards bring to Agora Budapest?

Sustainability will be ensured by green surfaces approximately the size of the White House in Washington DC, as well as the solar collectors placed on the roof. This energy will power the central energy system of the buildings. They will also collect rainwater which will be distributed to the greenery to decrease the water load. To encourage owners of the electric cars coming to the area, electric car charging points are planned in the parking area too.
To meet BREEAM requirements, Agora Budapest will feature an array of sustainable and smart building solutions. The newest technology for smart systems will be provided by HB Reavis’ product Symbiosy, which emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between people and building, empowering people to control their environment effortlessly. Multiple digital information points will be erected in order to give directions to people coming into the area.
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